Simcoe Early Education and Development Services

Welcome to S.E.E.D.S!

At S.E.E.D.S Childcare, we believe that each child is a special individual, that every aspect of his or her development is equally important, and that each child has the right to an early education program that promotes his or her unique growth and developmental potential. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment that understands, respects, responds to and nurtures each child’s uniqueness—an environment that focuses on building a child’s sense of self-esteem, confidence and self-worth.

Throughout the City of Barrie, at a number of different locations, our organization provides high quality childcare designed to support healthy development in young children.

  • Full-day Early Education Programs for children from six weeks to 12 years of age
  • Before and After-School care
  • Care for PA days, Winter Holidays, March Break
  • Summer Camps
  • Part-time and/or Occasional care as space allows

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Our Proud Legacy

Leaders in quality childcare since 1974, S.E.E.D.S is highly respected for its demonstrated commitment to children, families, and community. We are proud of this legacy and work to continuously enhance our programs and services.

Infant Programs

6 weeks to 18 months

Infants grow and change at an astounding pace and every month brings new and exciting developments. We offer safe and nurturing environments where our educators encourage infants to explore, discover and experience all there is to offer. Working with the parents our educators will provide individual schedules to support each infant during their day.

Ratio: 1 educator to 3 infants.


Toddler Programs

18 months to 30 months

Our busy toddlers enjoy a fun and nurturing environment that encourages them to explore their environment with a hands on approach while nurturing their growing sense of curiosity. Our educators will observe, interact and listen with each toddler to provide learning activities that will extend each child’s learning.

Ratio: 1 educator to 5 toddlers.


Preschool Programs

30 months to 4 years

Children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. Our educators design indoor/outdoor environments that spark curiosity, investigation and provide age appropriate challenges to guide children’s learning. They provide a wide variety of interesting objects and open ended materials for children to explore.

Ratio: 1 educator to 8 children.


Kindergarten Programs

3.8 years to 5 years

Our before and after school programs offers smooth transitions between school and childcare. It gives parents the security of knowing that their children are staying within the school boundaries. Our educators extend children’s learning by building programs based on what the children are doing in school. Working in partnership with the children they provide many fun activities that allow creativity, discovery, problem solving and inquiry.

Ratio: 1 educator to 13 children.


School-age Programs

3.8 years to 12 years

These programs are designed to allow children to have fun, be active and have time to socialize with their friends. Our educators observe, listen and have conversations with the children to find their interests and build a program around them. A quiet corner is always available for children to do their homework if they wish. Our school-age children are provided with healthy snacks before and after school.

Ratio: 1 educator to 15 children.


For More Information call our Head Office Location at 705-726-3770